The LIMUN Foundation is a volunteer-led charity that uses Model United Nations to educate participants about international cooperation and to promote the values of multilateralism and dialogue. 

Day-to-day management of its programmes- the LIMUN Conference and the LIMUN: HS Conference, is delegated to a Secretariat made up of students and MUN participants. The overall management and supervision of the Foundation is managed by the Trustees, who are responsible for the assets, institutional sustainability and direction of the Foundation. 

Appointed for a two-year term with no limits on renewal, Trustees are selected for their ability to contribute to, and for their ability to engage with, the areas necessary for the Foundation 's growth. 

The Board of Trustees of the LIMUN Foundation is currently composed of the following members:

  • Afolabi Adekaiyaoja (Chair)
  • Denise Chau
  • Meshaal Choudhary
  • Leonie Jarrett
  • Muqaddam Malik
  • Moni Owoade
  • Dijana Spasenoska
  • Nudhara Yusuf (LIMUN: HS 2020 Secretary-General)
  • Benjamin Santhouse-James (LIMUN: UC 2021 Secretary-General)


For information about their roles, activities or during recruitment, please contact You can see the current Board charter here (recent updates will be reflected shortly) and the Foundation's constitution here. The Board is not recruiting at this time. 

Afolabi Adekaiyaoja
Trustee (2018 - )
Denise Chau
Trustee (2014 - )
Leonie Jarrett
Trustee (2019 - )
Meshaal Choudhary
Trustee (2020 - )
Muqaddam Malik
Trustee (2020 - )
Moniade Owoade
Trustee (2020 - )
Dijana Spasenoska
Trustee (2020 - )