Teaching Materials

Below feature some documents that may be of assistance while preparing for the conference.

First, we have a rather comprehensive Delegate Guide which concerns the basics of Model UN and gives participants an idea of what a conference like LIMUN: HS entails. 

Second, resulting from the workshops we have hosted in previous years, we have a series of presentations that touch upon diverse aspects of participating in Model UN conferences and running a club at school:

1. Introduction to MUN

2. How MUN Works

3. Organising an MUN Society

4. How to organise a Training Session

5. Organising a Delegation for a Conference

6. What is Chairing

And third, we would encourage everyone to explore the teaching packs provided by the United Nations Association – UK. There are several useful lesson plans about the United Nations. 

The Rules of Procedure for the conference are available here

Any questions are welcome to Alfie Jenkins.

Photo: A sixth form workshop in progress, in early 2016, as part of our outreach efforts.