LONDON, UK (6 September, 2020) - The LIMUN Foundation presents a statement on the feasibility of LIMUN 2021 in light of the current public health emergency. 

Dear Participants and Friends of LIMUN,

We are humbled by your interest in attending LIMUN 2021. For over 20 years, LIMUN has been a home for aspiring future leaders and Model UN enthusiasts looking for an atmosphere to debate and discover new friends, in the incredible and multicultural city of London. We are proud of the many committee resolutions, crisis alliances and general camaraderie that has been fostered when participants attend our conferences.

As you will know, at this time of year we would usually be making our first announcements relating to the conference, but things are different this year. We do not take the responsibility of hosting the largest university-based MUN conference in Europe lightly and have always ensured the safety of our delegates is our upmost priority. Ahead of LIMUN 2020, the Secretariat worked assiduously to take necessary measures to protect all attendees. But we are aware that the situation has changed from February 2020, and it is unlikely to return to any form of normalcy by then. Conference logistics, including venue arrangements, transportation, accommodation and the general health of our attendees will be in flux for the foreseeable future. While we will continue to monitor ongoing procedures and any news concerning policies, treatments and vaccines, we do not currently believe that the public health situation is likely to permit a safe traditional format LIMUN conference in February 2021.

It is for these reasons that we have taken the decision to suspend an in-person LIMUN 2021 conference at this time. We understand the disappointment that might come from this news, but we are committed to supporting efforts to reduce the spread of this outbreak.

We are constantly reviewing the public health situation and we commit to communicate with you if and when we reverse this decision, with sufficient time to prepare to attend the conference. We will also share plans for any alternate formats for the conference, which may take the form of either a virtual conference or a postponed in-person conference later in the year. In the meantime, we are launching the LIMUN Academy, an integrated training and debate MUN platform, for which October applications are now open – please see the Academy page for further details of this exciting new initiative. The Academy, along with our Dialogue Series in partnership with the United Nations Secretary-General's UN75 initiative, will ensure that the Foundation can continue to promote cultural empathy, understanding of international affairs and awareness of the United Nations among young people during these difficult times.

Thank you for your interest in our conference and we look forward to welcoming you to London and to LIMUN hopefully very soon.

The Trustees and Secretariat Members of the LIMUN Foundation