Opening Day Side Events

The opening day side events for LIMUN 2019 will be announced in due course. For reference, the LIMUN 2018 side events can be found below, however, these are likely to change for LIMUN 2019.




19th Session | 23-24-25 February 2018


The first day of LIMUN 2018, held mostly at the prestigious Central Hall Westminster where the UN General Assembly first met in 1946, will feature a series of Side Events open to our conference participants. The events include:



The first day of LIMUN chiefly takes place at the illustrious Central Hall Westminster, where, back in 1946, the very first meeting of the United Nations General Assembly was held. It is located in the heart of Westminster, itself the heart of London and, truth be told, the heart of the whole United Kingdom – the lifeblood of the British Government stems from these couple square miles. At LIMUN we endeavour to share this beautiful and historic location with our participants and therefore have the pleasure of offering Guided Tours of Westminster to all interested delegates.

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The Rules of Procedure training is designed for Delegates who might want to get some expertise before the conference starts. The training is led by Award-winning Chair George Mullens (former Secretary-General of LIMUN High School, and Chair of DISEC at LIMUN 2018).

Location: South Rotunda


CAREERS IN THE UN EVENT - 11:40-12:40 

The London International Model United Nations offers participants a unique opportunity to learn about making their own career path in the United Nations System.

We are delighted to welcome Sam Daws to discuss "Working for and with the United Nations - a practitioner's advice to those seeking an international career” . The presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

Location: Great Hall

Sam Daws is Director of the Project on UN Governance and Reform at Oxford University, and has spent 30 years in UN-related roles.  In 2012-13 he served as Deputy Director (United Nations) in the Cabinet Office, advising the Prime Minister and his Envoy on strategy for the UN Post-2015 development Panel.  He was previously Senior Principal Research Analyst (Multilateral Policy Directorate) in the FCO.  From 2000 to 2003 he served as First Officer to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.  Sam was Executive Director of the UN Association of the UK for six years, and subsequently Senior Advisor and UK Representative to the UN Foundation.  He has co-authored or edited 14 books on the UN, including The Oxford Handbook on the United Nations and The Procedure of the UN Security Council (both published by Oxford University Press).  Sam has degrees in Social Anthropology and in International Conflict Analysis, and undertook doctoral studies in International Relations at Oxford.  He was a Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University in international law and at Yale in UN studies, and also studied at London Business School.  He designed the inaugural UN course for the FCO’s Diplomatic Academy. He is also director of the consultancy company, 3D Strategy.



LIMUN Foundation informative session - This is your opportunity to talk to a Secretariat member and a member of our Board of Trustees about the LIMUN Foundation, our projects and Secretariat applications for 2019.

Location: South Rotunda