The LIMUN Foundation promotes cultural empathy, understanding of international affairs and knowledge of the United Nations among young people, largely through the medium of Model United Nations. Model UN is an enjoyable academic and extra-curricular activity practiced by thousands of schools and students worldwide. It teaches on a range of global issues, from conflict and human rights abuses to economic underdevelopment and gender inequality, while instilling in participants a greater sense of self-confidence, improved ability to think analytically, be a problem-solver and project onself to an audience effectively. Persons who participate on a more regular basis furthermore stand to gain considerable leadership qualities.

Given these benefits, we are keen to extend participation in Model UN beyond our core constituencies, namely by engaging students in secondary education – in sixth form and below – through our outreach programmes. While Model United Nations is a highly popular activity in British universities, it is less so among secondary schools, even though it helps schools fulfil their citizenship teaching objectives for Keystages 3 and 4 of the National Curriculum, by thinking critically about global issues while learning about the United Nations and Britain's role within it.

Currently, our principal outreach programme is LIMUN:HS, our secondary school conference.

Photo: A sixth form workshop in progress, in early 2014, as part of our outreach programmes.