The Secretariat of LIMUN HS Edition VI is made up of students from British universities, particularly KCL, UCL, LSE, and Leeds. LIMUN HS, like the University Conference, is one of a kind as it is associated with the LIMUN Foundation (a UK Registered Charity) as opposed to being run only by one university or school. As such LIMUN HS Edition VI has a unique diversity of students serving as the Secretariat Members.

ByeongKyu Jun
Secretary-General, HS
Teodor Yankov
Deputy Secretary-General
Terry Batnasan
USG for Chairing
Jeyan Chung
USG for Communications
Zi Han Xuan
USG for Logistics
Harsh Sinha
USG for Finance
Eshana Amarasinghe
USG for Outreach
Daphney Ngounou
USG for Applications