Delegates and Faculty Advisors attending our March 2021 conference are highly encouraged to read the LIMUN 2021 Rules of Procedure (RoP). The RoP have been updated in 2021, to reflect our move to online operations, but also aiming to streamline our debate procedure and make it more accessible for delegates of all abilities. A handy summary document, covering the essentials of LIMUN debate procedure, will be uploaded very soon.

Rules of Procedure (February 2021 release)

To help our delegates prepare for the conference, we are providing a series of free MUN help guides from our training programme, please see below:

Research Guide - This guide explains goes through best practice for pre-conference preparation, including strategies for researching countries and topics. It also explains how to write good position papers.

Written Documents Guide - This guide goes through the types of documents (working papers, resolutions & communiques) typically produced at MUN conferences, and provides tips on how delegates can compose documents that will help them stand out.

For any questions on academics-related matters, please contact the LIMUN USG Academics at