The Delegate Handbook is available here.

We are pleased to finally announce the details for the 22nd Session of Europe's largest university-level MUN conference. LIMUN 2021 will take place virtually between the 26th and 28th March. Applications close on the 14th February and are available via the MyMun platform here. For the three days of debates, speaker sessions, and socials, delegate fees will be £20 per person, making MUN far more accessible than it usually is. This includes participation e-certificates for all delegates, while best delegates (Diplomacy Award winners) will be awarded LIMUN Diplomacy Medals (global shipping will be free, do not fear!). Moreover, we are committed to offering a limited number of full scholarships for less privileged UK delegates - further details will be released in due course concerning eligibility. 

Our theme this year will be Reimagining Global Governance. As we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the first UN General Assembly, and a century since the inaugural Model League of Nations, the world is positioned at a crossroads. The global governance landscape is increasingly polarised between those who seek multilateral cooperation and those who pursue nationalist or even isolationist policies. Moreover, as we seek to build back better for a brighter future, even multilateral cooperation often neglects other agents of change, including business, charities, and civil society. To tackle our contemporary challenges, we must rethink our global institutions, our policies, and our actions. As we move forward and reimagine global governance, it is important that we do so through the spirit of global cooperation - working across borders, across societal demographics, and across geopolitical divisions.

We have decided to shape our committees around five key global governance challenges. For information on our clusters of committees, please see here. On your application form, you will have the chance to make suggestions on the topics and committees that you want to discuss. By rethinking the applications process, we believe that we can better tailor MUN delegate allocations to match your interests and your passions. Moreover, we are limiting committees to 20-30 people maximum, with most committees having a delegate to chair ratio of 10:1 or less. We hope that this will allow us to maintain, and even improve, LIMUN’s outstanding reputation for academic quality and delegate participation in spite of the virtual setting. 

We look forward to (e-)welcoming you to LIMUN 2021!