While the LIMUN Foundation was created in 2000, it took LIMUN 16 years to launch another conference alongside its popular university conference. It came to life after a group of Trustees, Secretariat members and seasoned participants all united behind a shared goal of increasing the social impact of the charity and the diversity of the community. The aim was to organise a Model UN conference in London that would provide an accessible starting point and an introduction to MUN to high school students, particularly those whose socioeconomic backgrounds would not afford them a chance to participate in such extracurricular projects.

The first conference was in 2016, with a three-person secretariat made up of seasoned university students – all of whom would in turn serve as the first three Secretaries-General of the conference. It attracted 100 students, and then nearly doubled in 2017 during its second session. The first conference established a partnership with the university conference, where award recipients were given a free pass to the university conference – now renamed the Daniel Page Scholarship, in memory of the 2018 Deputy Secretary-General - giving the high school students further academic learning opportunities and access to the wider international LIMUN community.

Since then, the conference has steadily grown to attract delegations from within and beyond the shores of the UK. It has remained a hub for growth and, for many, a first glimpse into the multilateral world we share through her institutions. We are actively seeking new delegations and particularly welcome first-time MUNers, so if your school would like to get involved with the conference please do not hesitate to get in touch.