Frequently Asked Questions

LIMUN 2019 will take place from Friday, 22nd of February to Sunday, 24th of February 2019.

The delegate fee for LIMUN 2019 is £75.00 per delegate.

Please note the delegate fee does not cover travel to and from London, nor accommodation for your stay during the conference. These must be organised independently by participants. The delegate fee also excludes tickets to the LIMUN social, which must be bought separately.

Most of the the opening day of LIMUN 2019 will be held at Central Hall Westminster (Storey's Gate, London SW1H 9NH).

The venue for the rest of conference will be Waterloo Campus - King's College London.

LIMUN will be opening its first round of delegation applications in early November.

To register, you will have to make an account through our website and follow instructions. See here.


Following registration, the LIMUN Secretariat will review your application and either approve or decline it. Please note rejections are rare, but may become more frequent as capacity is neared. As we maintain beginner, intermediate and advanced committees, we cater for a wide variety of experience with Model United Nations and debate.

If approved, your delegation will be given 10 days from approval to make payments for the delegate fees of each participant. If this deadline is not met, your application to LIMUN 2019 will be automatically declined and you must re-register. If payment is made successfully, your delegation will be admitted to the conference. Thereafter your delegation will be given a set of countries to represent in specified committees, to be allocated among yourselves. Delegations who have paid and been accepted in the first round will receive theirs in November, while those for the second round will receive theirs in December or January. Each participant will then have time to prepare themselves for the conference, researching their topics and reading LIMUN's help guides.

Registration for LIMUN 2019 will be closing on 15th December.

Payments of delegate fees have to be made through our online applications system, using PayPal. Only in highly exceptional circumstances do we accept payment by other means.

Committees at LIMUN are divided into beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For this reason you are welcome to attend even if you have little or no experience.

Once allocated a country to represent and a committees to debate in, you will have ample time to familiarise yourself with the topics of discussion and the ways of Model United Nations.

Study guides for the topics debated in specific committee will be made available. LIMUN also has a number of more general help guides to assist delegates in their preparation. For this please see here.

LIMUN is primarily a university-level conference. We do however accept a limited number of students from secondary schools (roughly 10% of the conference) to aid them develop more rigorous thinking. Minors will be required to provide accident waivers at registration, signed by a parent or legal guardian.

A faculty advisor is normally a member of teaching staff who accompanies their institution's delegation to LIMUN. Faculty advisers are uncommon, but may sometimes attend due to internal policies of the institution represented.

Please see here for further information.

No. Faculty advisor applications will open after delegate applications close, with an additional/separate fee which will be confirmed soon to their opening.

The LIMUN Secretariat unfortunately cannot actively assist delegates with finding accommodation in London during the conference. See here for some suggestions.

The LIMUN Secretariat is happy to provide invitation letters to persons/delegations that have registered, been approved, and have paid their fees.

Invitation letters are commonly used to justify absence from school or university.

To request one, please email

The LIMUN Secretariat is happy to assist persons/delegations in obtaining visas to the United Kingdom in order to attend the conference. Please note this can only be supplied if a delegation has registered, been approved, and made payment in full.

For further details, please see here.

LIMUN provides refunds for persons who paid to participate in the conference but can no longer attend, only in exceptional circumstances on highly rare occasions. We do not normally provide refunds to delegations that failed to obtain visas to the United Kingdom.

Generally, if a single delegate from a larger delegation is unable to attend, he or she can be replaced by another person from their institution and be refunded by the replacement. LIMUN is not involved in such transactions.

Our online applications system allows you to register up to 40 delegates in one delegation. You may subsequently be allocated less places, however.

On rare occasions we can allow an institution to send more than 40 delegates. In such cases, a second group can be registered using the same account.

First of all, LIMUN only administers certificates from the closure of one conference to the start of the next session. As such, certificates for LIMUN 2015 and prior sessions are no longer being issued.


For LIMUN 2016 certificates, please email, stating your name, your institution, the country represented and the committee you were a part of. If possible, please include your old delegation ID number.