LIMUN does not recommend that you attend the conference with a Faculty Adviser (FA). However, if you must have one, please bear in mind that this should be limited to two FAs for any one delegation. The FA should be a member of the academic or administrative staff at your institution or a student group leader, and LIMUN may contact your institution to confirm this. LIMUN will only confirm the attendance of a Faculty Adviser once their delegation's fees are paid in full.

Please note that there are no scheduled activities for Faculty Advisers, and they are responsible for organising their own time while committee-sessions are in progress.

Please register by sending an email to quoting:

  • Full name and title of the Faculty Adviser 
  • Delegation ID number
  • Institution represented by the Faculty Adviser and delegation
  • Position held at that institution

Faculty Advisers should register upon their arrival at the registration desk.

If a Faculty Adviser requires an invitation letter for visa purposes, please follow the instructions here. Explain in your email that you have registered with us already as a Faculty Adviser, and provide contact details (phone number and email address) of your school or university administration.