The following committees will be simulated at LIMUN 2019:


SOCHUM (Social and Humanitarian Committee)

Director: Ali Gardiner
Assistant Director: Dea Gagoshidze and Niall Janssen

  • Ensuring freedom of expression, association and assembly of LGBTQ+ people.
  • Creating a global plan of action to protect minority languages.  

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SPECPOL (Special Political and Decolonization Committee)

Director: Sharif Kazemi
Assistant Director: Chris Hasbani and Dawid Hryniuck

  • High Resolution Satellite Imaging – Human Security and the Question of Privacy
  • Belt and Road Initiative - Addressing Concerns of 'Recolonisation'  

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DISEC (Disarmament and International Security Committee)

Director: Katrina Marina 
Assistant Directors: Catalina Lopez Cuevas and Joanna Veimou

  • Role of Private Military Companies (PMCs) in War Zones
  • The Role of Civil Society in Demilitarising Post-Conflict Zones  

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UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation)

Director: Alex Melnik
Assistant Directors: Aliza Ayaz and Felipe De Sande Palma 

  • The Role of Women in Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE)
  • Linking Science & Engineering to Society  

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Director: Olga Komorowski
Assistant Directors: Victor Arribas Martinez and Sukanya Walhekar

  • Enhancing sustainable long-run economic Development by the empowerment of Women
  • Developing multilateral solution to promote female leadership in the public sphere.  

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UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)

Director: Natalie Chung
Assistant Directors: Jessica Savery and Eve Bradley

  • Combating Slums and Encouraging New and Sustainable Solutions
  • Violence Against Women in Armed Conflict  

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UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)

Director: Nikitas Terzoudis
Assistant Director: Bianca Getzel

  • Reforming Environmental Governance for the Current Challenges of Global Sustainability.
  • Environmental Migration and Displacement.  

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UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council)

Director: Eugenie Ferrier
Assistant Directors: Malcolm Wong and Christian Trenk

  • Defining acceptable interrogation techniques in law enforcement
  • Should Assisted Suicide be considered as a legal medical practice

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UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Director: Sanduni Mudiyanse
Assistant Directors: Badshah Kazi and Malte Westphal

  • The Impact of the Burundi Refugee Crisis on East African States
  • Refugee Situation in Yemen

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ECOSOC (Economic and Social Council)

Director: Lukas Hofmann
Assistant Director: Alkestis Giavridis

  • Discussing and regulating currency manipulation on a global level.
  • Dealing with the influence of monopolies in the digital market.

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IMO (International Maritime Organisation)

Director: Meshaal Choudhary
Assistant Director: Aida Maranaki

  • Sustaining seaborne trade flows through multilateral trade agreements
  • IMO's strategic coordination to reduce up to half of carbon emissions by 2050

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ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) 

Director: Simon Cremer
Assistant Director: Ranjana Ravi

  • Establishing guidelines to facilitate the expansion of the international air transport network for economic development
  • Defining and implementing a framework to ensure civil aviation safety in LEDCs  

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IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development)

Director: Marguerite Lasalle
Assistant Director: Aisha Erenstein

  • The 2019 Indigenous Peoples' Forum
  • GM Food & SMART Breeding in Light of Global Warming  

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ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross)

Director: Bennett Nightingale 
Assistant Director: Shayma Shamo

  • The externalisation of borders: its impact on the refugee crisis and conflict zones
  • Tackling human trafficking in Myanmar and Bangladesh amid the Rohingya crisis  

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WHO (World Health Organisation)

Director: Carolin Geis
Assistant Directors: Rigel Gomez and Jenny Lam 

  • Implementation and Regulation of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM)
  • The healthcare challenges of an ageing population

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NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) 

Director: Chris Whitehouse
Assistant Director: Geoff Glover and Leou Chen

  • Developing a strategy for NATO's southern flank: Libya and the Sahel
  • Expanding NATO membership in the Balkans; the accession of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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World Bank

Director: Prashant Garg
Assistant Directors: Allen Haugh

  • “Measuring success: reviewing goals and aims of development assistance".  

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Joint Session of the International Olympic and Paralympic Committees (DOUBLE DEL)

Director: Emmanuel Tasos   
Assistant Directors: Angel Navarrete and Simeon Onaji

  • Combating state-sponsored doping programs and illegal practices from national federations
  • Reducing the cost of organisation for Olympic host cities and improving facility sustainability

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AU (African Union)

Director: Muqaddam Malik
Assistant Director: Mohamed Limame Malainine

  • Finding Debt Management Solutions
  • An African Stance on the International Criminal Court

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UNOOSA (United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs)

Director: Amit Arkhipov-Goyal 
Assistant Directors: Fariha Baba and Cheyma Azzouz

  • Space-based technologies for sustainable development 
  • Regulating private companies and military contractors in space  

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UN Trusteeship Council (HISTORICAL)

Director: Sasha Sternik
Assistant Director: Roi Nachlieli

  • Negotiating Indigenous Nationalism 
  • Drafting a Trusteeship Agreement for Palestine  

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UNSC (United Nations Security Council)

Director: Mock Yi Jun
Assistant Director: Alfie Jenkins and Tianhui Zhong

  • The Situation in the DPRK 
  • The Question of South Sudan Civil War  

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ICJ (International Court of Justice)

Director: Christie Deng  
Assistant Directors: Federica Vitale and Hoong Liang Hew

  • Iran vs. USA  

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League of Nations Council (HISTORICAL) 

Director: Stefan Bogensberger   
Assistant Director: Philippe Lefevre and Maryia Ditchkowska

  • The Lytton Report
  •  A Mandated Plebiscite in Upper Silesia?  

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India-Pakistan Talks

Director: Sahajanya Balaganesh   
Assistant Director: Srinidhi Dhulipala

  • Bilateral Talks between the Republic of India and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan  

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Director: Pedra Rabiee
Assistant Director: Hamzah Sheikh

  • Humanitarian Coordination of the Syrian Civil War

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Marvel Summit 

Council of Marvels

Director: Daniel Gindis
Assistant Director: Rikke Udengaard

  • Updating the Superhuman Registration Act
  • Should we self-limit inter-dimensional travel?

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UN Commission on Superhuman Activity

Assistant Director: Florian Fermin
Assistant Director: Lara Govea

  • Updating the Superhuman Registration Act
  • Should the UN ban the development of super soldiers?

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         The LIMUN Social Project Committee

Director: Petros Petrikkos
Consulting Director: Afolabi Adekaiyaoja 
Assistant Director: Serena Mukhi

LIMUN is pleased to launch a new committee for its twentieth session in 2019, aiming to harness the ideas and enthusiasm of our delegates to affect real change on global issues. Delegates will have the opportunity to submit proposals for real-life charitable products in advance, and use the conference to build the idea, receive input from industry experts and work collaboratively to improve their pitch. The winning pitch will receive ongoing support from LIMUN for its implementation.


Director: Muhammad Arkan Diptyo
Assistant Directors: Maria Slobodina, Kevin Wang
Chairs: Rick Romanelli, Xuan Chen, Perth Ophaswongse

  • Asia 1945 - The Birth of Nations

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OPEC  Arabic

Director: Chahnaz Lagha
Assistant Director: Najdi Nacer

  • Ensuring oil production in the post-Arab Spring MENA region
  • Considering the inclusion of new OPEC  member states  

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APEC  Chinese

Director: Tianhui Zhong
Assistant Director: Lou Chen

  1. Fostering constructive partnerships for sustainable security against trade-related corruption and promoting transparency
  2. Supporting the creation of a healthy legal, regulatory and policy environments for electronic commerce and MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) in the APEC region

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UNISDR (United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction)    French

Director: Apollon Thomopoulos
Assistant Director: Nina Guibère

  • Promoting technological solutions to food sustainability
  • Establishing an all-inclusive risk reduction strategy: tackling the vulnerability of disadvantaged social groups  

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COMECON (Historical)  Russian

Director: Sasha Sternik
Assistant Director: Maryia Ditchkowska 

  • The discussion on trade tariffs in aim to fulfil central planning goals
  • Emergency meeting regarding the 1973 oil crisis  

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LIMA Group  Spanish
Director: Arantxa Carrillo
Assistant Director: Antonio Garcia Gonzalez

  • The current crisis in Venezuela

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