At LIMUN delegates who truly excel in their committees, who show a profound understanding of the topics under discussion, an appreciation of diplomacy, mediation and negotiation, and who are able to lead their co-participants to a balanced resolution of the problems at hand, are recognised for their efforts and skill. At LIMUN, Daises nominate the deserving delegates in their committees for Diplomacy Awards.


Our Diplomacy Awards are given to those who embrace the principles of cooperation and dialogue throughout the diplomatic exercise that leads to the adoption of a resolution. As such, a delegate who ably makes subtle concessions while upholding their policy interests will be favoured by committee directors if he or she does so to work constructively towards resolution of the issues considered. 

In practice, this means the award recipient is likely a leading figure among a bloc of delegates, a delegate who enriches debate by contributing new ideas and intelligent content for committee documents and who tries to achieve his or her national objective within the mandate of the committee. Above all, our Directors will be told to look out for delegates who truly espouse the ethos of the United Nations, and who seek collaboration and unity while furthering their own unique agenda. He or she is not divisive, but constructive. Examples of these diplomatic traits that LIMUN embraces may include, encouraging an expression of all views in unmoderated caucuses, making possible concessions with the aim of achieving a resolution, and displaying a teamwork attitude during negotiations.

Eligibility for awards is, however, conditional upon the submission of a Position Paper before the conference, and their presence is mandatory during all committee session.


While our Diplomacy Awards celebrate the ideals we embrace within delegates, we also recognise the outstanding group efforts made by delegates attending the conference. This is carried out in the form of our Delegation Awards which form part of the Secretary-General Awards. This is given to a delegation that excels through participation, awards achievement and other criteria chosen by the Secretary-General.

For the purpose of the 2018 Session, Groups will be divided into the following levels. This is subject to change till allocations are complete.

Best Small Delegation                                                    5 - 12 Delegates

Best Medium Delegation                                              13 - 22 Delegates

Best Large Delegation                                                    23+ Delegates



Photo: Secretary-General Kacper Pancewicz awards a delegate at LIMUN 2014.