LONDON, UK (August 26, 2020) – The LIMUN Foundation today announces the departure of Aditya Ranjan from its Board of Trustees. Aditya has been a member for just under two years - joining the Board in November 2018. 


While on the board, Adi led on Finance, created and developed the mentorship scheme and played a key role in developing stronger and more accountable processes on the Foundation. He has been a key part of our ways of working and will be missed on the Board. 



We wish him the best in her future endeavours. There will be not a recruitment process to fill his seat at this time. 



The LIMUN Foundation is a charitable organisation that promotes cultural empathy, understanding of international affairs and awareness of the United Nations among young people. By equipping youth with mediation, analytical and leadership skills, while stressing cosmopolitan values and the interdependence of the modern world, we hope to foster future world leaders who will face global challenges with a spirit of international cooperation.

Currently, the LIMUN Foundation runs two programmes: our flagship annual conference in London, the largest university-level Model United Nations in Europe, and an annual secondary school conference, with a focus on opening access to MUN for those students who attend state/state-funded schools or are from under-represented communities. We also run additional support sessions for local schools.