The conference fee of the London International Model United Nations does not include accommodation in London for the duration of the conference. Participating delegates and delegations must organise this independently.

While it may be daunting to find suitable accommodation in a city you have never visited before—or, at least, not often—London's size, vibrancy and popularity entail it offers countless options varying in price, quality and location. In addition, London's public transportation system is commendable, spanning both the iconic double-decker buses and the extraordinary underground subway system, which can transport you from any one part of the city to another in little time. For these reasons, finding adequate accommodation is easy, and delegates do not need to worry about being situated physically close to the conference venues.

Nonetheless, should you wish to find accommodation near the main conference venue, please see here. Note this is a sample, non-exhaustive list.

For your information, the first day of LIMUN takes place chiefly at Central Hall Westminster (SW1H 9NH), while the main conference venue is Imperial College London (SW7 2AZ).