About us

The LIMUN Foundation is a charitable organisation that promotes cultural empathy, understanding of international affairs and knowledge of the United Nations among young people. By equipping youth with mediation, analytical and leadership skills, while stressing cosmopolitan values and the interdependence of the modern world, we hope to foster future world leaders who will face global challenges with a spirit of international cooperation.

Currently, the LIMUN Foundation runs two programmes: our annual conference in London, the largest university-level Model United Nations in Europe, and our outreach programme which runs and manages MUN clubs in secondary schools in and around London and south-east England.

The Foundation is governed by an experienced Board of Trustees, drawing from the private, public and third sectors, with a passion for LIMUN and Model UN more generally. The day-to-day affairs of the charity are managed by the distinct management divisions: the secretariat of the conference, and the outreach committee. Staff are sourced from the University of London and associated universities, being bright students or recent graduates, competitively selected, who give their time and skills on a voluntary basis.

We are registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales, number 1159324.

Our registered address is below. Please do not communicate with this address without prior communication with the LIMUN Foundation.


119 Otter Close,

E15 2PX