The London International Model United Nations Conference is the LIMUN Foundation's flagship annual event, welcoming 1500 delegates to the great cosmopolitan capital of Britain for three days of intensive debate and exciting social events.

The 21st Session of Europe's largest MUN conference took place from 21st to 23rd February 2020, with this year's theme being Challenging the Dilemmas of Progress.  With participants from over 100 different nationalities (the most internationally diverse MUN globally) gathering in London to discuss the challenges and opportunities that we our generation must confront, LIMUN continued to offer an unparalled platform for public speaking, negotiation and the pursuit of knowledge. New committees, new venues and the introduction of an open bar and chocolate fountains at our famous Saturday Ball only added to the experience of our delegates!

We enjoyed addresses from Rory Stewart OBE, former UK Secretary of State for International Development and Deputy Governor for the Coalition Provisional Authority following the 2003 invasion of Iraq,  and Michael Keating, Executive Director of the European Institute of Peace and a former UN Under-Secretary-General with decades of experience in the UN System. We also welcomed several diplomats, including ambassadors, and social impactors who all shared their wisdom with the next generation of future leaders and change-makers through a variety of networking opportunities. The 21st Session was sponsored by SOAS's Center for International Studies and Diplomacy and the Embassy of France. 

Please find the 2020 Conference Handbook attached here.

What do we do?

LIMUN's University Conference consists of a simulation of United Nations organs and other fora of international affairs, challenging young people to take on the roles of world leaders. Participants assume the mantles of national ambassadors, simulating various organs, committees and specialised agencies while seeking to resolve outstanding issues on the international agenda, from human rights to breaches of the peace. 

A delegate represents the views of a single Member State of the United Nations (or of another entity depending on the committee they are a part of), researching that country's policy and advocating their stance to other delegates. In this way, participants familiarise themselves with state policy, ideas and cultures different to their own. The debate is controlled by an experienced set of Chairpersons employing thorough rules of procedure. The objective is to reach consensus and pass a statement of the international community's response to a particular area of concern.

The Conference aims to build an understanding of global challenges and governance amid youth that crosses borders of culture and nationality. Using the knowledge, experiences, and relationships they form at LIMUN and through other Model United Nations events, it is hoped that the next generation of world leaders will be equipped to face global issues with the spirit of international cooperation. More generally, MUN encourages the development of skills essential to all fields of study and employment, such as strong leadership, innovative thinking and public speaking, negotiation, mediation and consensus-building, and the ability to rapidly form relationships with people of different backgrounds and cultures.