2021 Registration Details


Happening 20 - 21 November 2021 (Saturday and Sunday) at King’s College London’s Waterloo campus (SE1 9NH, London), we would like to welcome all delegates to our LIMUN HS Edition VI conference. 


We are pleased to share that LIMUN: HS Edition VI will be among the first MUN conferences to operate on a hybrid basis. Following the trying times we have faced over the last 18 months, we know that many schools and students have waited for an in-person Model UN debate experience. However, we also recognise that COVID-19 continues to spread and some may have safety concerns. To this end, we came up with a simple and accommodating solution - we will host 5 in-person committees and 3 online committees, giving you and your delegates the choice to do what feels right to you. 


The registration form will be open until the 7th November 2021, so please submit your form before the deadline to ensure we can create the safest environment for delegates to participate in the debate. Please note that only delegates from Ireland, United Kingdom, Isles of Man and the Channel Islands will be able to join the in-person conference. 


Missed Out on our Town Hall?

LIMUN:HS hosted a town hall to provide schools, students, and faculty advisors the important information related to their students’ wellbeing, safety, and learning opportunities through our LIMUN High School Adventure and LIMUN HS Edition VI Conference. We have discussed topics such as what LIMUN:HS does as a whole, what we envision for your student, logistics of each program, as well as the finance or learning opportunities in each LIMUN HS program and the conference.


In our sixth session of LIMUN:HS, we seek to provide more than just a Model UN conference. We have undergone the Connected Delegates Program to equip students with the soft skills necessary to speak diplomatically and guidelines on how to understand complex global issues. We will have undergone the Connected Scholars Program to instill knowledge of global issues and connect them to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 


If you were unable to attend, the LIMUN:HS Secretariat video-recorded the meeting! Please find it here.